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Онлайн казиноларда нақты ақшаға ойнау – Cashazart

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Live рулетка онлайн – нақты ақшаларға ойнайтын үздік интернет казино

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  1. How much is every chip? Also how much is the win if it didnt hit a middle number? Like how much would you win if you hit a 3 red with a chip in between 2 and 3 with this system? Trying to clarify the winnings

    1. Splits pay 17 to 1. Each green chip is $25. If he hits a 3, it’ll be $25 x 17 which is $425. Dealers usually find chips as units. If he hits the three, he looses the 11 other green chips on the numbers and the 2 green on the middle column. So if he hits the three, he wins $425 minus the losing bets which is 13 green which is $325 so he gets $100 profit. Now if he hits a middle split aka what he calls a jackpot, it’s $425 plus the column bet which pays double so he gets paid $100.

  2. Can you please explain the +250 because for me it is 17*5 for the number which makes 85 and 100 on the 2 to 1 total is +185 not +250 or I’m mistaking something

  3. Very cool system y’all! I’ve heard betting the inside are sucker bets. Interesting to see how consistent this was hitting. Will give this a try next time I play!

  4. I tried this out twice and it worked for me both times I made one modification though at first I just threw the same bet on the 0 and 00 then I found out about the basket so I made that bet instead to make the 2 a Mega jackpot and the zeros arent a complete loss

  5. Finally saw Alex in the store….and walking in the mall with the Keno guy…they were DEEP in convo so didnt spaz out on seeing the YOUTUBE SUPERSTARS…lol I was getting a hat stitched at Lids…

  6. This system is basically a more complicated way to bet on 2 rows, reducing the profit by 3 pieces on one row and adding them to the profit on the other row. On average it´s just the same as if you would bet 7 pieces on 2 rows each. And yes, you got enormously lucky. To win 10 consecutive rolls on a 24:38 chance happens once in 100 tries, literally (1,009% chance) 🙂

  7. Subscribed. 51 here never gambled, flew to Vegas first time ever being on a plane. ( made sure not to fly Sprit ) Lost on all slots, recovered on three card poker was up about 1400.00 I walked past Roulette a few times looked very very intimidating. Thanks for the video I will try this next October. Only downside to my first adventure it was 108 to 110 degrees everyday. I dont want to here about but its a dry heat either, its fking hot. It felt like I went to pull a turkey out of the oven and got stuck inside it.

    1. Haha yeah Vegas heat is no joke! Around October the weather is pretty nice though since its mid-Fall 🙂 I think youll enjoy the weather much more next time you visit –Mar

  8. I notice the guy spinning the wheel isn’t doing what dealers do . The dealers know how hard to throw the white ball where on the wheel to start the throw . How hard they need to throw it and how many times the ball will spin around the wheel before it drops . Without that into this experiment the results are flawed .


    I did this one on my roulette wheel, 2 out of 3, the first 2 was an instant whack, lost a total of €2100.00 in a few spins, with the third I got a win of €550.00 and then again 7 misses.


    Ps, love your channel, not as a gambler but as a former Croupier – Dealer – Tablechef


    Want to join your team in Europa

  10. Ok I am wondering about making a modification to this that makes it a bit more conservative on the wins, but cuts your whacks to almost nothing. Simply instead of two units on the middle, do two units on the outside columns. Then you are only whacked on 0/00. I will try it this afternoon when the casino opens. I am lucky that Celebrity cruises have a Single Zero table with only $10 minimum so will play with $5 units for $80 a spin. This will give me only one whack. Please check my math.
    12 units on middle column splits
    4 units on outside columns (2 each)
    Total 16 units bet/whacked on 0/00.
    8 units won on Outside & Split 21 (17+4) win – 13 loss (11+2).
    10 units Lost on Outside 4 win – 14 loss (11+2).
    2 units won on Middle 17 win – 15 loss (11+4).

  11. You can upgrade this system by playing $50 on both the 1st and 3rd collumn. The bet will be now $400.
    If second column hits, you will have $50 profit.
    If the jackpot pot numbers hit from the 1st and 3rd collumn, you will have $200 profit.
    This way you can have more profit.
    Just my opinion. 👍🏽👍🏽

  12. For the low roller 12 × $5 numbers is 60 then $5 covers 2 rows so total is $70
    Hit row with no jackpot thats $85 so 15 profit hit the rows and thats $90 so 20 profit.
    So you would have 6 numbers and the zero not covered

  13. please explain if you put 5 d ships on a split pays 17 to 1 …… and you do not hit middle jackpot…. my math gives me 85 total pay out…. where is the 100 profit.

    1. Hello, please check our system archive. All the information is there, the link should be in the description. To search up a system do ctrl F and then paste in the video name –Mar

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